Welcome to Everyday Just Living!

Welcome to my brand new blog! My name is Beth Sethi and I am your host in this small corner of the blogosphere. I am a mom, wife and small business owner and I am passionate about fair trade and justice issues, especially for women. Before I co-founded my online fair trade boutique, Bambootique , I worked for several international NGOs. I have seen firsthand the difference it makes in the lives of the poor when they are economically empowered. Economic empowerment of the poor is a global issue and the choices I make everyday have the power to do good or to do harm.

Poverty in our world is very real – nearly half of all our planet’s inhabitants live on less than $2/ day, according to the UN. Much well-meaning aid is thrown at it and some of it works, some of it doesn’t. Everyday Just Living goes hand in hand with care for the environment. The state of our world’s environment is only exacerbating the problem of poverty. I believe to truly make progress in the fight against global poverty, as well as to protect our planet, each of us can – and must – do our part. Our part is often as simple as what coffee we buy or which light bulbs we use, but sometimes more is demanded of us. I hope here to share my journey and bring you practical ideas you can implement immediately to live a more just life. Thanks for checking out my blog. I welcome your comments and ideas!


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