Everyday Just Living Is Better Living

This weekend Portland hosts the first annual Better Living Show. This expo is along the same vein as the huge Green Festivals held in Chicago, Seattle, and other big cities, with an emphasis on earth-friendly choices for the home and garden.

I am fascinated by the name chosen by the organizers. Instead of finding another synonym for green or sustainable they chose the adjective better. I love this because it emphasizes what I have found to be true. Sustainable living, green living, just living, whatever you want to call it, truly is better. It’s better for the planet, better for people (especially the poor) and, selfishly but most motivational, it is better for me and my family. Every time I make a change, large or small, to make my life more sustainable I find my quality of life is improved. Knowing I’m making a positive difference for others and the planet while my life keeps getting richer draws me to continue to seek more things I can do.

I’m looking forward to attending the Better Living Show Saturday with my 14-month old, Grace, and my friend Kecia. I’m most excited about checking out the eco-fashion and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I can’t wait to try the organic food offerings. I’m excited to see what fair trade retailers are there too, since I always enjoy seeing what like-minded businesses are up to. The show is running all weekend so if you’re here in Portland, stop by and see for yourself. The show is at the Portland Expo Center and admission is free.


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