Best of the Better Living Show

My friend Kecia and I, along with Grace, braved the crowds of this green expo last Saturday here in Portland. The mix of vendors was incredible and I regretted putting Grace in the stroller, since it made it difficult to navigate the packed aisles let alone actually enter a booth and see the offerings up close. Still I managed to take note of some really cool companies doing great things for people and the planet. Bambootique didn’t have a booth at this event but I’ll be the first to admit product_thumbphp.jpgthere are a lot of other cool companies out there. Here’s a run-down of a few I liked:

Baskets from recycled chopsticks. Kecia and I went in together on their special buy three, get one free on these cool reworkings of used chopsticks. Yes, we asked, they have been cleaned and sanitized before being made into all kinds ofelephant_poo_paper.gif
creative designs.

Paper made from elephant poo. This paper is gorgeous and 75% of the content comes from the fiber “discarded” by elephants.

Burgerville. My favorite fast-food restaurant and only found in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the country, you have no idea what you’re missing. They compost, they recycle, they convert their french fry oil into biofuel, they buy wind energy, and they buy the majority of their meat and produce locally.

Alternative energy for churches. My church has been moving towards making our building more sustainable and I’m excited to pass along information about Oregon Interfaith Power and Light. This organization assists churches in being better stewards of energy and to investigating the use of solar power.

In light of my recent posting on cloth diapers, I was also pleased to find a cloth diapering business there. Punkin Butt is a Tualatin-based cloth diapering company and I plan to buy my supplies from them next time Grace grows out of her cloth diaper covers.

There were lots of other great booths but these were the ones that caught my attention (and which my stroller could fit into!). I wished I had seen more fair trade companies present. There were a few but they were not very prominent. Fair trade is so closely tied with green issues, but the two get separated far too often. If you had a chance to check out the show, let me know what was most interesting to you.



  1. Cheryl Janis said,

    April 1, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Hi Beth! Love your blog and your content. I was also at the Better Living Show this past weekend and got some great footage with interviews of some of these inspiring people and green businesses. I loved Mr. Elli Poo and also blogged about him. The idea of that gorgeous paper made out of elephant poo is so exciting to me since it not only is tree free but it also helps to raise the value of elephants, hence protecting them from poachers. Keep up the good work! I’ll keep checking back. Cheryl Janis from

  2. Michael said,

    July 11, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    The Better Living Show exceeded all of my expectations. What an exciting event! And you are right, the broad array of products was amazing. Can’t wait for next year’s show.

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