Update: Ordinary People Make Justice Happen

A couple of days ago I posted about the arms shipment bound for Zimbabwe that was stopped by South African dock workers, an arch bishop and a judge. That ship left South Africa looking for another port in southern African to accept its deadly cargo of Chinese weapons. These rockets, mortar shells and other ammunition were ordered by Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president who now holds his power with questionable legitimacy and, it is assumed, intends to use these arms to crush his opposition, who appears to have won last month’s election.

This morning’s paper reported that the ship searched several days in vain for a port in southern Africa to accept it. Apparently everyday people in southern Africa are incredibly frustrated with their governments’ lack of initiative to do anything to pressure Mugabe to step down. Faced with an opportunity to do something themselves, in every country the ship tried to enter dock workers refused to unload the cargo. Legal workers and human rights activists across southern African have also rallied to stop the shipment. As a result, it appears the ship is going to have to return to China with all its weapons still on board. This is an incredible victory for justice pursued by ordinary people who saw an opportunity and acted.


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  1. Lorie Dolo said,

    April 23, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing that story, Beth. It is very easy to think with all the good causes to be involved in here in this world that one person or a group of people is too small to make a difference. Bravo to those who have stood up for the people of Zimbabwe! It is good to hear stories of courage in these times when there are so many tragic stories in the news. Thanks again. Reading each day … :) Lorie

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