“The Fair Trade” Movie

There’s a new documentary out that is hard to come by but worth watching if you can get yourself a copy. The Fair Trade is the story of Tamara Johnston, a woman who endured a difficult, often tragic journey before finding healing and purpose in a vocation that brings hope to others.

The one-hour documentary recounts the devastating death of Tamara’s fiance. Following his sudden death Tamara really struggles to make it day to day and she makes a deal with God to put off suicide in exchange for a meaningful life. It doesn’t happen right away but over time and with the support of loved ones Tamara finds new purpose through a fair trade company, Anti-Body, she founds with her twin sister and her sister’s husband.

I appreciated the raw emotion portrayed in this documentary. Even though it is a retelling of events from a few years ago, the sense of profound grief leading to hope comes through quite compellingly. Tamara truly hits bottom before she is able to bring herself out and offer something of meaning to others. She now lives a life of purpose every day through her diligent work promoting fair trade and providing economic opportunities for the women in Africa from which her company, Anti-Body, sources their products. Copies of the DVD are available on The Fair Trade movie website.

On a related note, Anti-Body is now working to raise $35,000 to assist the start-up of a coconut oil cooperative in Liberia. The funds will be used to help the cooperative members purchase necessary processing equipment, among other things. In order to help this effort Bambootique is going to donate 20% of online skincare product sales and 10% of all other online sales to Anti-Body’s Liberia co-op. The fundraiser will run May 3-18th, which is Fair Trade Fortnight, a celebration of fair trade recognized by over 70 countries.


1 Comment

  1. Tamara said,

    April 25, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Truly exciting! Thank you, Bambootique!!

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