Update: The Eco-friendly Way to Kill Grass

A few weeks ago I posted a lovely photo of our front yard draped in bright blue tarps, our attempt to kill our grass without using Round-up. I’m happy to report it worked! Below is a photo of my husband Steve and my dad breaking up the dead sod. I was glad to be the photographer rather than breaking my back, although I’ll be putting in plenty of yard time in the coming weeks.

As you can see, the grass was not yet completely dead. The tarps sat on the grass for nearly 3 weeks and gosh darn it, that grass would not die. Under some of the tarps we had laid black plastic garbage bags but we had run out halfway. It turned out the grass died where the black bags had been but not where only a tarp had laid.

After using pick-axes to break up the sod, Steve and my dad piled the green grass into several mounds and covered those mounds with black garbage bags and tarps. This did the trick and today, when we opened up the tarps after another 2 weeks of being covered (5 weeks altogether!), the grass was really, truly dead.

This goes to show you don’t have to use chemicals to get rid of your grass, but you do have to have a lot of patience, a strong back, and highly tolerant neighbors. We’re lucky enough to live almost at the end of a dead-end street so we have few passers-by to look at our eyesore of a yard.

Did you convert your yard from grass to eco-friendly landscaping? Tell me about it here and give me good ideas for our yard! We’re now working on bringing in mulch, top soil and native plants. The next photo I post will, hopefully, be easier on the eye than the photos so far.