Source For My Garden Box

This comment came in from Donna this week in response to my popular post about the value of my organic backyard garden:

I have been thinking about planting my own garden. Organics are not available around here without having to drive into a larger city. I would like to know what type of materials you used to build your raised beds, especially the metal or plastic pieces that are at each corner of the bed holding the wood slats. Thanks for your help on this! Donna

I had to go back to my husband on this since he researched, ordered and installed our garden box three years ago. We ordered our garden boxes from Square Foot Gardening, a site he found through much online researching. We’ve been very happy with the boxes and are actually considering installing two more along the side of our house next summer.

Anyone else have a source for good garden boxes?

Good luck with your organic garden, Donna!


1 Comment

  1. jill said,

    July 19, 2008 at 8:12 am

    My parents have been building garden boxes for themselves and are looking into custom building them for others. Maybe you can be their first customer! Jill Scarbrough

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