A Benefit of Blogging – A Freezer Full of Ice Cream!

After last week’s post about ice cream with fair trade ingredients, Marcia Blackwell of Blackwell Organic’s caught wind and asked if I’d like to try some of her company’s treats. Would I ever? A few days later I received a large box containing four pints of gelato and sorbet – chocolate peanut butter gelato, coffee gelato, mango sorbet and strawberry sorbet. Of course I sampled them all right away and I have to say the sorbets are my favorite, especially the strawberry. It’s rich and smooth and tastes like the real fresh strawberries it’s made from. No artificial flavors in sight. I thought I would prefer the gelatos but they are dairy-free (made with soy) and I’m more of a dairy girl. The chocolate peanut-butter was my favorite of the two but the soy makes it a tiny bit grainy which couldn’t compare with the smoothness of the sorbets. And the best thing about this company is they use all organic ingredients as well as many fair trade ingredients (chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, etc.) so they really are progressive in many ways.

Blackwell’s Organics is only sold in stores on the east coast right now, but if you can find it give it a try. For the rest of us they do ship it using dry ice but I have a hard time recommending that method because it’s not exactly light on fossil fuels. To get to the West Coast before melting it had to be shipped by air in a large non-recyclable styrofoam container. As much as I love their product, I think I’ll stick to locally made options using sustainable ingredients until Blackwell’s starts stocking in stores out here. (Marcia did tell me they ship by UPS ground whenever they can, and are looking into more sustainable packaging options, so things may be changing for the better). If you can find it near you though, try it! You’ll love it (especially that strawberry sorbet…)

Speaking of ice cream, Karen Pridogich was the first (and only!) person to email to tell me she found fair trade ice cream in the store. She tried Ben and Jerry’s Fair Trade Vanilla and gives it a thumbs up. For her effort, Karen wins a silk cosmetic bag from Bambootique, handmade by women in Cambodia. Nice job Karen!


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