Clean Greener With The Help of A New Local Store

Last Friday I swung by a new store in Tigard I’d been dying to check out, Cleaning Green and I’m glad I did! Owner John Westerholt met me at the door and showed me around his new spot, located on Main Street in downtown Tigard near its south intersection with 99W (12568 SW Main Street). Cleaning Green features a full selection of eco-friendly cleaning products, from dishsoap to laundry detergent to recycled paper towels from well-known brands like Mrs. Meyers and BioKleen as well as others new to me, such as Dapple baby-friendly cleaning products. The concept, as John explained to me, is to provide a one-stop shopping experience on the west side for everything to clean green. Sometimes I find the “eco-friendly” cleaning choices in stores to be baffling and overwhelming, so it’s nice to find a place where everything has been handpicked by John plus he’s there to give you his helpful, first-hand advice, all at competitive pricing.

John helped me pick out an eco-friendly carpet cleaner by Biokleen. We have a cat-puking problem in our house right now and I’m tired of using a heavy, chemical carpet cleaner that doesn’t even work all that well. I tried the Biokleen Bac-out as soon as I got home and , before I even dabbed at the stains with a cloth, the spray alone had somehow magically removed the stain!

Cleaning Green sells online as well, which is great if you don’t live in the area or just want to scope out their offerings before you stop by. I for one plan to be a regular in their store!


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