Green Party Decorations

Not literally green, although it is an awfully nice color. I’m talking about making your next party festive without generating a lot of waste. The first one you probably already use: balloons! Yes, it has recently come to my attention, thanks to blog reader Pam, that latex balloons are actually biodegradable. Latex comes from the rubber tree, so they’re natural and break down in landfills within about six months. Seriously I had no idea balloons were eco-friendly. Still you might want to think twice before releasing them since I imagine they could harm a bird or other animal who might find them before those six months are up.

Another cool alternative is reusable pendant banners. A fellow mom and entrepreneur, Jill Friese, makes colorful fabric pendants like the one below and she just opened her own shop on I want to get this multi-colored banner to have on hand for baby showers, birthday parties or summer barbecues.

How do you decorate for parties without creating a lot of waste?