What Small Step Will I Take Today?

This morning Dr. Laura Simmons shared in our Sunday service about her recent experiences in South Africa and Rwanda. She visited both countries to learn about some incredible efforts at reconciliation in places where hate and violence have recently prevailed. She reminded us that the acts of Hitler in Germany and apartheid in South Africa were legal at the time they were committed. How did atrocities such as putting Jews into ghettos or blacks into slums become law accepted by the majority? One tiny act of injustice at a time.

Laura met people in both countries who have found the strength to look beyond their tumultuous histories and extend forgiveness to those who hurt them. Some reconciliation activists she met are now working side-by-side with those who brought them incredible pain in the past. She pointed out that yes, it is a small minority who are involved in such dramatic work. Not every Tutsi who lost a family member to a Hutu machete is able to embrace the very person who harmed their loved one. But those who are remind us that, just as tiny acts of injustice lead to atrocities, so tiny acts of reconciliation bring about justice on a large scale.

I hope every day my choices bring me, my family, and any other areas of influence one tiny step closer to justice. What small step will I take today?


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