Cafe Feminino Coffee Festival – What Fun!

October is Fair Trade Month in the USA, if you didn’t know, and I just learned about this way cool event at the Baghdad Theater on October 16th. I’ll be there and hope to see some of you there as well!

From Transfair USA’s website:

Thursday, October 16
Cafe Femenino Foundation presents
A fundraiser for the foundation
5 p.m. ’til 8:30 p.m. | $20; tickets can be purchased at | All ages welcome

Bagdad Theater and Pub
3702 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214

“Strong Coffee” tells the story of Peruvian women coffee producers who, by creating their own coffee “Café Femenino,” are changing a culture that marginalizes and subordinates women. The women grow, harvest and process their own organic and fair trade coffee; their efforts have inspired women in Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemale, Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua to begin their own Café Femenino programs.

This fundraising event, put on by the Café Femenino Foundation, helps to fund grants that benefit women and their families in coffee communities around the world.

McMenamins is proud to announce that our coffee roasters will support these Café Femenino coffee producers by serving their Peruvian coffees in all our espresso beverages. It is a lightly roasted coffee with a sweet caramel flavor and hints of sea salt and crema.

Join us in supporting this cause at the Bagdad, where you can also sample café Femenino coffees.

Tickets are available at or at


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