Confessions Of A Eco-Coupon Fanatic

I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to coupons. I get a buzz at the check-out line when my total drops drastically from $94.89 to $79.42, thanks to a few coupons. I shamed my husband tonight when he ordered a pizza and didn’t use the $3 off coupon I painstakingly saved. I guess I’m a little desperate for some kind of rush other than caffeine…

As I’ve gone greener though, I find fewer coupons I want to clip in Sunday’s paper. My main source now for great coupons on eco-friendly products is the Chinook Book, produced by Eco-Metro. I buy two copies each year and use probably half of the coupons, at least in the grocery/ health section. I got a little tingly a few days ago when, in line at Whole Foods, I saw that the 2009 copies are now available! Naturally I bought two.

These books quickly pay for themselves. Right there in Whole Foods I pulled out a $10 off coupon and used it in the same transaction, so I paid for half a book before I’d even bought it. I spend an hour or so each year going through each book and tearing out all the coupons I think I’ll use, then sorting them into my nifty yellow coupon filer. There’s coupons for everything from Tom’s of Maine toothpaste to Biokleen laundry soap not to mention carpet cleaning and some great restaurants, including Mint and Redwing Bakery.

If you’re in Seattle, you’ll find a coupon for Bambootique (for the second year in a row, the Portland book didn’t have room for us!). If you live in any of the cities that prints these books (full list on and you’re trying to live greener AND cheaper, you’ve got to get one, no wait, make that two of these books.


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