It’s Time To Salsa, Baby

Since tomorrow is October 1, I suppose summer is more or less over. My garden however did not get that memo. It’s still full of juicy ripening tomatoes, hot habanero chiles, sweet green peppers and plump tomatillos. I’d say we’re going to harvest a few more bowlfuls before the weather gets too fall-ish.

Today’s gorgeous ripe vegetables make the perfect mix of salsa ingredients, so that’s what I’ve done. I scoured my cookbooks for ideas and then, using the techniques I found, came up with my own salsa version based on what I had from my garden’s bounty.

Here’s my Summer Salsa “recipe”:

Pile of tomatillos, paper husks removed
Pile of ripe tomatoes
2-4 hot chile peppers, depending on how hot you like your salsa, halved and with seeds/ cores removed
1-2 small white onions cut in quarters
1-2 bunches of cilantro
salt to taste

Put the tomatillos, tomatoes, chile peppers and onions on a cookie sheet. Place under a hot broiler on high and roast for about 10 minutes, until starting to blacken and juices are flowing. Remove from oven once appear somewhat “melted,” or roast another 5-10 minutes until the vegetables start to break down.

Allow the roasted veggies to cool slightly and peel off the tomato skins.  Put the roasted veggies and their juices in a food processor or blender along with as much cilantro as you like and some salt (start with less, you can always add more). Blend until as chunky or smooth as you like (I prefer slightly chunky) and voila, delicious summer salsa with all the fresh flavors of your garden!

I’ve now made the above recipe twice, once using more tomatoes than tomatillos, the second time using far more tomatillos. The latter makes more of a “salsa verde” whereas the former is more of your traditional salsa you might be served with chips in your neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Both are delicious.

Coming tomorrow: Chicken tortilla soup using your excess Summer Salsa

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