My New Favorite Fair Trade Coffee

While visiting a winery in southern Oregon this summer, my husband and I picked up a bag of locally roasted coffee. We were intrigued when we read that the coffee beans came from one of the Ethiopian co-ops featured in the movie Black Gold. We bought the bag and it. was. delicious.

The coffee was rich and smooth and dark, which is what we love in a good coffee. It was roasted by Noble Coffee Roasters located in Talent, Oregon (Rogue Valley), so when we ran out I emailed their owner, Jared Rennie, to see how I could get some more. Turns out the Harar is a single origin coffee which Noble roasts only once every twelve weeks. Jared suggested I get on their mailing list so I would be notified the next time they roasted it. After much waiting and much sub-par coffee in the meantime, my shipment of Harar whole beans arrived today! I breathed in the aroma as soon as I opened the box and tomorrow morning I expect to enjoy a cup of heavenly bliss!

The great news is, the coffee arrived just in time for Bambootique’s trunk show this weekend! If you’re in the Portland area and are planning on stopping by, I’ll be brewing my new favorite fair trade coffee and sharing it with you.

You can order Noble coffee yourself through their website. If you try it, let me know if you loved it as much as I did!


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