World Pulse Magazine Is Coming Back


A few years ago I discovered a print magazine that made me want to cry it was so good.  The first few issues of World Pulse magazine were so inspiring I read them from cover to cover in one sitting. The magazine focused completely on women’s issues and stories from around the globe, unlike any other women’s magazine I had ever seen. There were stories about orphans in Africa and global midwives.  Other articles discussed women’s roles in the global fight on terror and drug wars, and women’s involvement in shaping the political landscape of South America.  Everything I read was very grassroots and looking at the lives of everyday women around the world, especially although not exclusively in the developing world. I was thrilled that founder Jensine Larsen had stepped out to produce such a publication and filled a glaring void in our news media.

From their website,

World Pulse is a global media organization dedicated to broadcasting the untapped voices and innovative solutions of women worldwide.

After just two issues of this fabulous publication, my subscription stopped arriving. I learned sadly the magazine was doing restructuring and was taking things online, at least for the short-term. This month though, the print magazine comes back and I can’t wait!

World Pulse is offering free issues of their next debut edition. You can request yours on their website.  Features include:

  • How women are transforming global communication using new media and cell phones
  • Women leaders on the future of microfinance
  • Women shaping the face of the coffee industry
  • Articles will link to the World Pulse community site:, so readers can jump into the story and directly connect with featured leaders