Making Your Dollar Go Further In Troubling Times

Like a lot of people my husband and I are more aware of what we are buying, and we’re definitely cutting back even though our day-to-day income hasn’t been impacted at this point (investments certainly have been).  As the owner of a local small business myself, I’m trying to be more intentional with the dollars I do spend to make sure my purchases are purposeful and as local as possible.  It’s the little guys who are going to be most impacted by this downturn. The hairdressers whose clients come in every 6 months instead of every 6 weeks. The local restaurants who no longer see families coming in for dinner. The small retailers who can’t compete with big-box store prices when everyone is looking for deep discounts.  The local farmers whose produce consumers no longer wish to purchase for more than the cheap imported food.

Here are a few ways we’re spending our money to make sure the impact is felt as strongly and close to home as possible:

  • I’m still going to my hairdresser, Melody Oliver of J and J Hair Studio once every six weeks. I know she needs it as she’s had other clients have to cut back. My hair appreciates it too!
  • We’re buying our eggs from our neighbors who raise chickens.
  • We bought our Christmas tree from the farm across the street, Century Farm at 10050 SW Hazelbrook Road. We got a great deal too with a pre-cut for only $15!
  • We’ll be picking up some of Grace’s Christmas presents at Mudpuddles in Sherwood, a wonderful local toy store.
  • Although I don’t have to buy a lot of clothes for Grace, thanks to hand-me-downs from her cousin Sophia, when I do shop I like to go to Baby and Me or Katelyn’s Closet consignment stores. I know I’m supporting local businesses and shopping in an eco-friendly way.
  • We use Tidee-Didee diaper service, which means we’re keeping diapers out of landfills plus our diaper dollars are going to local jobs instead of multi-national diaper companies.

How about you? Do you have a favorite local business you are going out of your way to support? It’s not always the cheapest or most convenient option, but being intentional about how we each spend our money may help some of our local businesses weather this economic storm.



  1. natalie said,

    December 13, 2008 at 10:34 am

    i completely agree. when we treat ourselves to sushi we visit a husband and wife team that treat their customers great and the sushi is freshly prepared just for you (not pre-made plates being taken around on a trolley for who knows how long). I know that our dinner ticket is going straight to their family. I also like to take my sons to a small locally owned skate shop instead of the big box one. The family that owns it have children that go to school alongside my children. During the summer we love to shop at our Gresham Farmers’ Market and get tamales from a womens’ business co-op. For groceries we shop at a small family run grocery store that employs across all ages and ethnicities. It’s a very diverse crew! And also at Morrow Bros. produce shop that has local produce for cheap. We try to buy our pet food from a couple of small local pet food shops. And lastly we try to shop in our area versus driving to another community.

  2. Ryan said,

    January 22, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Hey, Beth, thanks for linking to us (MudPuddles), and highlighting the smart choice of shopping locally. Our goal, like yours, is always to provide the best value by selling the best toys and books and helping our customers find just the right thing.

    I hope we were able to help you get just the right gifts at Christmas, and always do keep us in mind! (I’ve bookmarked Bambootique for future grown-up nurturing gifts)

    Ryan M.

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