World Vision Microenterprise Event Next Week

I’m looking forward to attending this World Vision event next Tuesday night in Lake Oswego, put on by Women of Vision. “Equipping the Entrepreneuial Poor” will be held February 17th from 7-9pm at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church (1855 Southshore Boulevard). It’s to be “a lively panel presentation and a discussion on Microenterprise Development” featuring a World Vision staff member and several local bankers involved with World Vision’s microlending program.

Microenterprise, or micro-lending, is at the heart of many of Bambootique’s artisan cooperatives. Millions of people innurlaili1 the developing world make their income from small businesses.  Over the last few decades micro-lending has vastly changed the business landscape for microentrpreneurs by providing them an alternative to loansharks. Sometimes all it takes is a small loan of $20, $100 or $500 to help a small business owner take their business to the next level, boosting their family out of poverty.

Learn more about the successes of microenterprise here.


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