My First Round-Up, And Not The Kind You Spray In Your Yard

Believe it or not fellow Portlanders, today was my first time to drop by one of Metro’s Household Hazardous Waste Round-up events. I had a bowl full of about 50 dead batteries I’d been hanging on to. When I received a flyer in the mail announcing Metro’s visit to Tualatin, I marked it on my calendar. My stop was quick, easy and educational. Here are a few tidbits I picked up at the event:

  • Metro collects all kinds of toxic stuff at these events. You can safely dispose of old paint, unused lawn or pool chemicals, dead batteries, motor oil, and so much more at a Round-up. For a full list visit here.
  • Metro uses the Round-up events as a community education platform as much as for recycling. Before I even pulled up to the drop-off point, a volunteer waved me down and chatted with me  about organic gardening. I just spent 2 hours hand-pulling weeds this morning so I picked her brain some good ideas to control our prolific weeds.  She also gave me some great free literature on natural gardening.
  • Metro offers a ton of free gardening workshops. Who knew? I have the July 11th Winter Veggies workshop down on my calendar. I want to delve into growing some of our food year round. Steve and I have the summer fruits and veggie thing down but we have much to learn on growing during the winter.
  • The guys and gals who run these Round-ups have a lot of fun with it. Grace loved watching them sling empty paint cans up into the dumpster and the guy who took our batteries thought it was hilarious that he was wearing white gloves. He kept calling them his “Mickey Mouse” gloves, and Mickey Mouse (or any mouse for that matter) is a big favorite of Grace’s.
  • If you live in the Portland area you can find a list of Hazardous Waste Round-ups here. If you live elsewhere, don’t dispair. Try Earth 911’s site for help on where you can dispose of your hazardous waste materials. Or else look into moving to Portland.

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  1. superprotectivefactor said,

    March 7, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for sharing this blog. I’m just finishing “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” myself. No need to wait until July for a free garden workshop. You can check out the seed-to-table food growing ideas on our blog any time. We loved the winter garden we had here this year. Will definitely do that again. It was so easy and it watered itself.

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