Oregonian Reports: Fair Trade And Green Go Hand In Hand

oregonian_articlePortland’s daily newspaper, The Oregonian, featured Bambootique today as an example of a “green company” that supports the planet and people.  I love that columnist Shelby Wood, who reports regularly on environmental sustainability issues, is on to the reality that we have to protect people as much as we protect the earth. When she interviewed me I told Shelby how it bugs me to see products labeled as “green” or “sustainable” that were likely made in a sweatshop. For example, just because organic cotton is used in a pair of kids pajamas does not mean the people who picked the cotton or who sew the pajamas in China were paid a fair price. Looking for the fair trade label is the only way to be sure.

True sustainability requires conscious consumers to look for ethically traded and responsibly made products. Shelby points out some great resources to do just that, including next weekend’s Fair Trade Federation Conference and Expo to be held right here in Portland.  The Expo is free and open to the public, and will feature more than 40 fair trade vendors from around the country, including Bambootique of course.

Expo Details:

Fair Trade Federation Expo
Saturday March 28, 3:30-6pm
Doubletree Hotel, Lloyd Center, Portland, Oregon


1 Comment

  1. margaret Nordquist said,

    March 28, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    I have maet this woman through my daughter and she is “real”-I have purchased some of her products and they are womderful and I have received many compliments-keep up the good work!

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