Plan Now For Reverse Trick-Or-Treating

trick_or_treatWhile poking around online today, I just noticed it’s time to order Reverse Trick-or-Treating kits from Global Exchange.  Last year our household managed to order on time (this year’s deadline is October 13th, but if they run out before then it’s your bad luck) and had fun giving away the fair trade chocolates and info cards to our neighbors.  This year we’ll do it again but I’ve realized I don’t need to be limited to the “reverse” idea. I mean, I don’t have to just have Grace hand out the cards and chocolate as we go door to door. We’ll also give out the fair trade info and chocolates to all the kids that come to our house, getting the word out even further.

What is Reverse-Trick-Or-Treating, you ask?  It’s a fantastic campaign put together by a variety of fair trade groups to get the word out about unethical practices in the cocoa trade. For just $5.50 (the cost of shipping the kit to you), you get a bag of mini-chocolates and a stack of informational postcards about the cocoa industry and the alternative fair trade chocolate industry. The “reverse” idea is that your kids give the cards and chocolates out as they go door to door, while of course still receiving the free goodies (fair trade or not) from all the neighbors. Our neighbors loved getting something in return plus hey, it encourages the trick-or-treaters to give not just get. See more of what our family did last year here.

I just ordered my kit and can’t wait to shower our neighborhood with fair trade chocolate love.


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