Slave-free Chocolate – Brands You Can Trust

There’s been a lot of interest in my previous postings about slavery and chocolate. Depending on where you are, finding fair trade certified chocolate (which is always slave-free) is not always easy. I just learned from my handy Better World Shopping Guide that the following brands of chocolate are all slave-free. Some are fair trade, some are organic, some are both or neither, but they are all slave-free. Hope this helps those of you socially conscious chocolate lovers having a hard time finding fair trade chocolate where you are.

Slave-free chocolate brands:

  • Equal Exchange (Whole Foods, New Seasons)
  • Endangered Species (Whole Foods, Target, New Seasons)
  • Rapunzel (Whole Foods)
  • Dagoba (at most Oregon grocery stores)
  • Green and Black’s (available at Target!)
  • Newman’s Own (New Seasons, Whole Foods)
  • Cloud Nine
  • Tropical Source (New Season’s, Whole Foods)
  • Shaman
  • Any fair-trade certified brands (look for the black and white Transfair logo)