The Faces Of Fair Trade At Bambootique

October is Fair Trade Month, as declared by Transfair USA, the only third-party certifying body in the United States of fair trade products and one of twenty similar organizations worldwide. The focus they’ve chosen this year is The Faces of Fair Trade. Fair trade is powerful because it connects producers directly with consumers. Here I share a few of the artisan faces behind Bambootique’s products. The life of each artisan is directly impacted through her involvement with fair trade and the opportunities fair trade offers her and her family.

Zoila is a young Mayan woman from Central Guatemala. She works with the non-profit Proyecto Eco-Quetzal to produce eco-friendly, traditional Mayan candles.

Jurina runs a fair trade purse workshop, where she and several other women produce bamboo purses made with local, sustainably raised bamboo.

Ritu is a young, single mother from Nepal whose husband abandoned her shortly after their daughter was born. She and several dozen other single mothers produce beautiful beaded jewelry and knitted bags, in a society where women on their own have few economic opportunities.

Okinaj is a young indigenous woman in northern Argentina. She’s part of the indigenous Wichi group, a people who have experienced incredible hardship. Okinaj and her fellow artisans collect and dry local seeds which they turn into beautiful pieces of wearable art including beaded necklaces.

Anna is a Liberian woman who has found employment and a livable income through a coconut oil cooperative. The coconut oil is used to produce Anti-Body skincare products.

Remember every time you see the words “fair trade” on a product you are purchasing, you are directly having a postive impact on the farmer, producer or artisan behind it. Thank you for supporting fair trade!


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